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My mother, Adele Armm, is a reluctant artist.  Both modest and talented she has dabbled in a number of mediums.  As a birthday gift I have had the pleasure of creating this website, a place to showcase her talent as a writer.  Her poems are humorous as well as poignant. Many will take you back in time, some will make you chuckle and others might leave you teary eyed.  Putting them  together has been a joyful undertaking.

It is my hope that my mother will be inspired to add to this collection.

about adele

Adele was born in Newark, New Jersey, graduated from Weequahic High School and now resides in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Full of energy and enthusiasm her accomplishments include writing as well as painting, sculpture, and participation in talent shows, beauty pageants as well as TV commercials.  She is a world traveler, a fundraiser and over the years has volunteered her services to many worthy causes.  Currently she spends one day a week feeding the needy and the homeless in Palm Beach County, Florida.

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